The Temple of ECK

Any of you who visit the Temple of ECK will find it has a special character, a presence of its own. That presence is the love of God.
—Harold Klemp, Spiritual Leader of Eckankar

Golden wisdom temple 

The Temple of ECK is in Chanhassen, Minnesota. It is both a Golden Wisdom Temple and a local community church. It is a place for all people who love God and is the home of the ECK teachings in the physical plane.


The Temple of ECK is thus in the service of God. It stands as a beacon of divine Light and love, for both you and the world–a gift to all.

Those who come to the ECK Temple with pure hearts will find truth in dreams. Others will come to know the spiritual reasons for everyday events. Still others will find what they could find nowhere else: the beginnings of truth and wisdom while still on earth.

—Harold Klemp, Temple of ECK 

For further information about the Temple of ECK, visit the official web site ECKANKAR.

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